From LNT to Julia Gabriel

I have stopped Chloe’s lessons at LNT (Little Neuro Tree), I’m a bit bored by the program cos Kate was in Year 2 classes so I knew what they are going to be teaching.

We will continue to do flash cards, memory, sensory play at home, it’s something that we have been doing even before attending LNT. I’m not saying LNT is not good, in fact, I like their program, they have ideas and stuffs that I never thought of before and it sort of inspire us to do the similar teachings when at home. The program also allows parent and child to bond thru activities. 20100102-003Her end of terms comments from individual teachers were really good, well I know that the teachers will only comment the good and not bad cos they are still so young but I still can’t help feeling proud. The centre one is from her Jap teacher, only 1 sentence saying that Chloe is very good in her concentration. That is one of her strength, she hardly move about when in class, she will listen attentively to the teachers.

Another reason why I want to change school will be too little movement in LNT”s classes, we have to sit throughout the 1 hour lesson. I hope to find a program that involves more movement.

After looking around, I decided to put Chloe into Julia Gabriel (Bilingual Playclub). Had initially choose to take the lesson from Forum but they only have Sunday class and they have a long wait list for the 11.30am timing that I want.

They called me on last Thursday to tell me that they have slot for Sunday, 9.00am class but I have no confident that I can reach class on time. What if I happen to be staying the weekend at CCK or Chloe wakes up late, I will surely be late for class, I didn’t like the uncertainties and it will be rushing as well.

Next choice will be to take the class at the Evans Road branch, they have slot 11.30am class and even better, they have Saturday classes. The only bad thing is, I don’t know where is Evans Road….I know it’s somewhere near to Bukit Timah. So on Saturday we went to find the place, firstly is to check out the environment of the school. Secondly, to find out the exact location so that I don’t have to be searching for it on the first day of school. Thirdly, to know how much time I will need to drive there.

Found the school, like the place so went ahead to pay the school fees (ouch!). Term will be starting this coming Saturday. They even have a little library where we can borrow books from.

20100102-001We also managed to put Kate (who will be attending Edudrama) at 12pm slot in the same school (she was also on wait list at Forum). SIL & Kate will follow my car to school and go to the library to wait for her class to start.

Xmas shopping + snippets #6

We spent the whole day out on Saturday.

Had LNT class in the morning (Japanese lesson this week) —> went to see Agape open house —> went home to shower & feed Chloe lunch —> went to my colleague’s house warming —> went Vivo then Bugis to buy Xmas present.

Phew…..I felt tired just typing it out. How did we actually survived it? ;)

End of the year is usually a busy period for hubby. Come December, he will have to work on every single weekend (and I mean whole day work). I’m not confident to do Xmas shopping alone with Chloe, so I had no choice but to settle it within these 2 weeks.

I’m very lucky this year, it only took me 2 days to complete my Xmas shopping!!!

Due to the tight schedule, I did not cook anything to bring as Chloe’s dinner and I’m also in the “it’s ok to let Chloe eat outside food” mood. We had dinner at Ajisen and ordered a kid’s meal for her, the meal was served on an aeroplane plate (nice looking but not practical to use).

Collage 20

Chloe had a great time self-feeding and for us, we had a great time cleaning the table. The aeroplane plate is very shallow so whenever Chloe tries to scoop the food, some of it will sure drop onto the table.

Ironically, I just realized from the pics that Chloe was wearing her “Bless this mess” bib. Hur hur…

Collage 21

Took some photos with the indoor Xmas tree in Bugis. There are 2 Xmas tree in Bugis, the other one which is at outdoor is not attractive enough to make me whip out my camera.


On Sunday, my dad wasn’t working so we went Causeway point to have lunch. We took a train as it’s only 4 stations away. Kate & Chloe were happy to see and be on the train.

Both of them decided to play “catching” just below the block while on the way home. They had so much fun running about with hubby pretending to chase them.

Chloe fell twice cos she’s still not very good with running yet. She did not make a noise after she fell, just got up and continue running. It’s either the fall is not painful or her skin is really thick to not feel the pain.

Collage 22

On a side note, I found out that Toast box serves nice milk tea. Now I know where to go if I have sudden tea cravings.

LNT – Lesson 2 (English)


Outfit of the day with Kate

Today, Chloe had her first English lesson at Jurong East (JE) LNT. First impression of the teacher (whom I don’t know her name cos she never bother to introduce herself!). is not good.

As compare to the English teacher at JW, this one fall short by a lot! I shall monitor closely during the next lesson before I determine whether it’s just a bad day today or this is her teaching style.


Kate & Chloe’s photo on JE’s notice board

This photo was taken by the boss of when we were there last month for the registration of new term. We asked the kids to sit on the sofa and wait, which they did on their own and started to flip thru books that were on the sofa. No noise, no tantrums, patiently wait till we finish (ok, this doesn’t happen often so must praise).

The boss was impressed so he asked for permission to take the photo to place on the board.


Chloe fell asleep on the way home with her sunglasses on.

LNT – 2nd term

Last Saturday, the kids started their 2nd term of LNT classes at a new school. We transferred to Jurong East (JE) branch from Jurong West (JW) as JW doesn’t have slots in the 9am class for us. Anyway, not a big issue as both outlets are run by the same franchisee.

Collage 3

I like JE better as there’s a waiting area with seats and toys. Usually Chloe finishes her class slightly earlier so she can play with the toys available while waiting for Kate to finish class.


Bath + playtime

Collage 2

My mum says nowadays she will bathe both of them together during the afternoon bath. She will fill up a bucket of water and they can play with watering can. On Saturday, she show us how she do it.


Her first taste of lemon

Collage 4 I bought a lemon to clean my steriliser, after cutting half, I show it to Chloe with intention for her to touch and smell the lemon. Who knows, she licks the lemon instead!

I think she likes it, she frown at the sourness but she kept licking it after that. Almost have trouble getting the lemon back from her. 

Ps. I started to use a new photo editing software thus these nice collages, this program is good for computer idiot like me. Thanks to Scarlett Ting for sharing the info!

End of first LNT term

Hubby volunteered to work in F1 so I’m alone with Chloe this weekend. On Saturday, I had to drag her from her nap so that to attend class. I always feel bad for doing so, made a mistake in signing up for 3.30pm class.

Due to having not enough sleep, she was throwing tantrums the whole day, except when she was in class (does that mean she enjoys her lessons so much??). Every single thing you ask her not to do and she will start rolling on the floor, crying & screaming included.

This is the last class of the term, for next term, we are changing to 9.00am class. Although this would mean that we will miss our weekly breakfast + playground trip, it’s still better than having to face tantrums caused by lack of sleep.




Saturday’s menu – steam egg with tomato and wolfberries, Sprinkle with all purpose seasoning.


Rice with asparagus.


End of term comments from individual teachers. Feels proud that she gets good comments, money not wasted. :)



Went out with my brother and SIL. First time 3 of us brought 3 kids out by ourselves, usually mum will join us but she went out with my aunt. Surprising, everything went considerably well, Kate & Chloe only managed to nap about 1 hr but they didn’t have meltdowns.


Both sisters wearing the same top, Chloe have one too. Should let them all wear together one day.


Cheeky Enya



At the Vivo playground.

Enrichment classes

Another 5 more lessons to go and Chloe would have complete her first term at LNT (Little Neuro Tree).Although she’s enjoying the classes, I’m thinking to switch her over to Kindermusik.

Hubby and me both wanted her to learn piano next time so Kindermusik would be something good to start with. The fees being cheaper than LNT is very very tempting to me.

Currently I can only afford to send her to either one but it’s so tough to make the decision as both school teaches different things. Should I let her have another term at LNT before switching or I should do it right after this term. Oh…. I dislike having to make decisions like this.

LNT – first day of actual class

Had her first actual class on last Sat. Her current class have a total of 3 girls, including her and a girl from her trial class. Receive this booklet which is not given in trial classes, there’s a page in front for them to keep the stickers that teachers give out weekly, a column behind for the parents to write down what’s the home practice for the week. It also includes the lyrics for the songs they learn in class which I like so that I can practise with her at home.



Waiting for hubby to drive car down.


Walking up and down the stairs with daddy before the class starts.


I’m blocking her TV view while taking her photo



IMM playground – this playground have the same problem with the one at Lot 1. The kids at the wet playground will come over to play at the “dry” playground thus making everywhere including the slides wet. End up she only get to sit in this, as usual, the parents of dripping wet kids can’t be bothered that their kids are making the whole place wet.

Inconsiderate parents = inconsiderate kids.



First time drawing with crayon on her own. She enjoys and keep saying “draw” to us as if we don’t understand what she’s doing. :)

She holds the crayon like an adult holding a pen, wonder where she learn that from???

LNT – Trial 1

Enrolled Chloe to trial classes of Little Neuro Tree, it’s a right brain development program. I am not striving to turn my kid into genius (some parents from forum thinks that way), I believe that the program will open her mind in accepting new things and cultivate good habits like taking turns, sitting still in class and listening to instructions from teacher. I also hope that by attending the classes, I would be able to learn how to do more activities at home besides flashcards. The course is at $600 for 12 weeks (1 term), classes are held in English, Chinese & Japanese in rotation. Lessons involve flashcards, memory game, sensory play etc.

Both Kate and Chloe enjoyed the class.  Chloe’s today class is in Japanese and Kate’s is in Chinese (they are in different class cos of their age difference)

My initially worry was that she won’t be able to sit still for 1 hour. Nowadays she cannot even sit for 15 min to watch her favourite cartoon. That’s why Jerry suggest to start with trial class, if she’s really not ready then the most we only waste $150 for 3 lessons. We were quite lucky, last min found out that they were having promo with Young Parent’s magazine, end up we only paid 50% for the trial lessons.

There are 5 kids in her class, 2 girls + 3 boys. I feel very proud of her, she sat still thru the 1 hour lesson, never cry when handing back the activity toys to the teacher, no problem in waiting for her turn, she concentrate when the teacher is talking. She even managed to get answer correctly during memory game. She was only scared when the teacher start the music for singing, I think it’s because the music is abit on the loud side. She turned to me and wanted to hug me for comfort.

Overall performance is very impressive, if nothing goes wrong then we will be signing up the full course for her.

P1000356Outfit of the day